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Best Whole House Electric Tankless Water Heater Reviews


hello everyone thank you for tuning into our save green here YouTube channel and the purpose of this video is we’vegotten some of our subscribers or just viewers just wanting to know more aboutthese tankless gas natural gas water heaters they also do have them inpropane they’re asking to find out exactly what these buttons do and how exactly they work on the inside so there’s basically three different types of controls on these you have your water control your fire control and then youhave either summer or winter and we’ll show you exactly how that works so we’llstart off with your water control so your water controls this one here andthat’s why we took it apart just so you can see what’s going on behind it sothis is gonna regulate the flow of water going through the water heater so youcan regulate it so you have more water flow or less simple as that that’s whatit is for and your fire control is as simple as it can get this is yourbasically your temperature control so this will regulate the temperature ofyour how hot you want the water to be so do you want itextremely hot you just got to be very careful because these things get reallyhot and you want to avoid any scalding issues especially if you have youngerones in the home or the elderly are the most prone to scalding issues so youwant to make sure that you adjust your fire control or your water temperaturecontrol accordingly okay and I know this can be a little tricky here because youhave this almost looks like it’s temperature but this is just the flow ofwater this is your temperature control okay now summer and winter what is thisfor basically if you look over here you have three different burners when youhave it on summer over here which will be the one here in the middle when youhave it on summer two of these burners will run when you have it on winter allthree of them will come so simple as that so you want to keep itin the winter when your water needs to be a little bit warmer and then you’llhave all three burners burning in the summer when it’s not so so cold out youcan just go by with just two burners controlling the temperature of the waterso just wanted to show everyone because when you first see it you might not knowexactly what you’re doing and you want to know how exactly it works what’sgoing on behind the scenes so to speak that’s why we took this panel out so wecan show you what’s going on so basically you have your water controlit’ll regulate the flow of water your temperature control basically thetemperature of the water and then your winter or summer control it’s going toindicate if you want to burners to go on or if you want all three to go on simpleas that so if you have any questions or just want to put any comments below ifyou find this video was helpful please give me a thumbs up if you haven’t doneso already please subscribe to our Channelwe’re dedicated to saving you money thank you very much you all have a greatday